Vase Shelf

The processed archetypal vases are storage symbols in their own right – cleansed images of types from different periods. Here, the vases have become part of the construction of the shelving unit. However, some of them can be taken out of the case and used for storage independently.

Today, the shelving unit has become a storage symbol: bookcase, warehouse rack, office shelves, wall-mounted shelves, box bookcase, wine rack… Normally, a shelving unit is completely anonymous until the owner occupies it.

By contrast, our shelving unit tells an ancient story – a story about all the things we have used for storage since the dawn of time, and which are still found on shelves to this day: vases, jars, jugs, pots, wine vessels, oil cans, urns for ashes, amphorae, kylixes, hydriai, lekythoi, loutrophoroi, kraters and albarelli.

Ceramic vases by: Michael Geertsen
Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen

category — one-off
year — 2013
country — Denmark
client — SE 2013