A series of hand-made furniture produced by craftsmen in South India.

"My design of the Tranquebar furniture series is my travel sketches from Tamil Nadu, from Puducherry, from Tranquebar – it is my impressions of India “projected” on the family of chairs, armchairs, easy chairs, sofas, tables, side tables, folding screens etc. The simple basic shapes of objects - two circles for seat and back of the chairs, round stools and tables, the elliptic 2- and 3-seaters - are here and there covered with ornament. Like in the room, where sun rays pass through the pattern of carved blinds and catch one place a shoulder of the chair, another place table leg or the upholstered seat and a little of a back."

The Tranquebar collection for Ca'lyah is a series of seating and tables all handmade by skilled craftsmen in South India. The collection utilises FSC certified wood, fabric from Kvadrat, and locally sourced granite.

category — furniture
year — 2020
client — Calyah
@ Boris Berlin Design