We take Interns, but only under the following conditions:

1. If their internship is at least 6 months, better longer.

Otherwise, it does not work – the first couple of months will go on getting used to each other and learning to understand each other. And only what is left will be productive and instructive for you. The longer your internship, the better is the chance that you will be able to see the materialized results of what you were working on in our studio. A year-long internship is the best.

2. Another demand is that the intern (normally) has to be an experienced SolidWorks user.

Otherwise, you will not be able to enter our design process seamlessly. The communication with our (very compact) design team can hardly function without SolidWorks. You must learn the program before coming to us – your precious internship time cannot be wasted on learning the program.

Apply by sending a short PDF, showing your work, skills and CV to ets@borisberlin.design.