“To praise a drink we love by giving it back what we can – our design…”

We wanted our design to reflect the masculinity of whisky through bold and passionately random cuts in the “body” of the glass.

We all instinctively twist glasses (even empty ones) around in our hands, enjoying the play of refracted light. As our tumbler twists and turns, it offers a constantly varying experience – both visual and tactile…

Taking the start from the whisky glass it was natural to create the whole “family”, based on the same design language – from decanter to the shot glass.

The unique quality of BOMMA’s lead crystal, combined with their computerized precision cutting, made it possible to realize our design, translating the values of traditional Bohemian craftsmanship into a new context.

category — product
year — 2016
country — Czechia
client — Bomma
designer — Boris Berlin & Aleksej Iskos, Iskos–Berlin