JUST is a stackable shell chair with a quiet but distinctive personality built around a visually simplified structure.

The chair is reduced to just two elements: the shell and the legs that slot discreetly into it.
Just brings to mind a chair drawn by a child, with the legs apparently stuck straight onto the seat.
The distinctly tapered shell, designed as a molded plywood “sandwich” of hardwood veneer and light-weight softwood veneer, hides away the frame and joints inside the “thick” seat.

Just comes in a black stained version or in natural ash-veneer finish, with a distinctively colored edge in black, red or grey.
An upholstered version of Just is also available.

category — furniture
material — Plywood veneer, steel tube, upholstery
year — 2013
country — Denmark
designer — Boris Berlin & Aleksej Iskos, Iskos–Berlin