Soft Edge

Our Soft Edge chair series is based on the latest developments in moulded plywood technique

The new technique allows us to create 3-dimensional forms that are virtually impossible with ordinary moulded plywood. All the edges of the seat and back are softly curved, making it possible to produce strong and stable pieces that are just 6mm – instead of the usual 10mm, thus radically reducing the consumption of natural resources.

Soft-formed seats and backs embrace the human body that never comes into contact with sharp edges or corners. Soft Edge is not just visually friendly – it does not impose any particular posture, but welcomes movement and provides dynamic seating comfort.

Both versions of Soft Edge (steel-framed and wooden-framed) stack well and are very light. This makes them suitable for all segments of the contract market – from classrooms and auditoriums to canteens and cafeterias.

The rational, optimized construction of both tubular framed and solid wood framed versions of Soft Edge along with a significant reduction in the quantities of veneer used are what makes it so affordable.

category — furniture
material — 2D plywood veneer, steel tube, solid wood
year — 2015
country — Denmark
client — Hay
designer — Boris Berlin & Aleksej Iskos, Iskos–Berlin