”We wanted to design a compact but comfortable “family” of sofas that harked back to classic soft furniture styles – especially to the post WW2 period”

BASSET’s sculptural language is simple and clear. There are just two elements – a horizontal “pillow” for a seat and a vertical “duvet” at the back that wraps around the seat, embracing it from the sides.

Upholstery details – marked piping is used to accentuate its shape in a natural way, giving it an easily recognizable design “signature”.
BASSET doesn’t demand much space and fits easily into smaller homes.

BASSET is constructed and produced following the finest traditions of craftsmanship for this type of furniture.
BASSET series consists of a pouf, a chair, a 2-seater, a 2,5-seater and a 3-seater.

category — furniture
year — 2011
client — Versus