”One of the biggest challenges for designer is to create quiet objects, that don’t pop up in their egocentricity, don’t compete with surroundings, with architecture, don’t fight for attention, but still carry a strong identity, being easy to recognise, easy to remember.”

We wanted to make a very friendly and welcoming chair, not noisy – ALLROUND! We tried to make it free from unnecessary detailing – very clean and sculpturally clear: just two elements – well shaped shell and a flowing loop of the frame.

ALLROUND is a versatile multi-use chair. Unpretentious, yet sophisticated, Allround’s, quiet and balanced presence is perfect for dining, meetings, informal gatherings.

ALLROUND is available with a completely exposed wood shell or one of three different upholstery options – seat pad, full frontal liner, or fully upholstered. Armless bar and counter stools, as well as “small” shell stools in bar and counter height, are also available.

category — furniture
year — 2012
country — USA
client — Stylexseating