SE 2018: Totem

type — release
date — 01/11/18 — 01/11/18
event — SE 2018: Totem

Totem stands in the room like a magic, androgynous wooden monolith. But it can also be broken up into four elements, which when turned upside down and placed on the floor become four side tables and a vase. The distinctive grain of each of the wooden surfaces results from the wood being cut into wedge-shaped boards and then glued together like the slices of a pie by apprentices at the NEXT Praktikcenter. Finally, the conical log is turned by Mikkel Karlshøj and neatly finished by the designer’s hands.

Mahogany, Kalmar pine, Bornholm granite

H: 196 × B / W: 48 × D: 48 cm

A/S Forenede Stenhuggerier for Bornholm granite

Eleverne på NEXT Praktikcenter // NEXT trainees
A/S Forenede Stenhuggerier []