Flying Lamp

Flying is a family of sculptural pendant lamps with a soft organic shape. When suspended, they appear to float beautifully in the air.

The distinctive shape of the Flying lamps is created by stretching the 3D knit material between the aluminium wavy frame and centerpiece that keeps the top and bottom apart. The LED light source is built into the top of the lamp so the light is softly diffused through the knitted bottom part of the lamp.

In Boris' own words:
"Made by Hand has challenged me asking to design a big decorative sculptural lamp series for the high-end extension of their collection...
It was natural for me to base the design on my experience with 3D knitting technology accumulated during KNIT-WIT’s development. But in FLYING, I wanted to expand it to the ultimate use of knitting's physical properties by stretching it between the waving aluminium frame and the centerpiece of the lamp. The biomorphic sculptural shape of the lamp being pendant in the room is "flying"- hovering in the air..."

category — furniture
client — Made by Hand
@ Boris Berlin Design