Kufenkarl series

The Kufenkarl is a broad collection including a standard, lounge, counter and rocking lounge chair as well as a two-position study chair.

KufenKarl’s design derives from the long tradition of the pupil benches/desks, started by the church schools. Benches were eventually cut free from the desks and cut into 2 single chairs - individualized in Bauhaus' time and later taken over in the 50's by German architect Karl Nothhelfer.

KufenKarl is the upgraded translation into today's sculptural language and production techniques. It is taken out of the school into cafés, restaurants, and homes of the modern city.
Moreover, KufenKarl side chairs, bar chairs, and lounge chairs are knock-down and flat pack – ready to be rationally transported. At the end of their life cycle, the construction allows for an easy separation of the two materials the chairs are made of, which makes it simple recycle them.

category — furniture
year — 2022
client — Collect.Studio
@ Boris Berlin Design