City Light selected as top 5 work in Basel

type — award
date — 30/09/21
event — City Light selected as top 5 work in Basel

The City Light pendant by Boris & Daniel Berlin was selected by the jury among the 5 top contemporary works of Design Miami Basel.

Through a masterful colour gradation from 0 - 100% black on a mirror and glass surface, the Black Mirror table subtly changes, according to the surrounding light, shapes and point of view. The precise geometric form, combined with a perfect finish and refined flow from clear mirror to opaque black glass, makes the table particularly attractive and visually light, as the base hardly seems to reach the floor, fading into its own reflection.

Modelled over the city of Manhattan, the City Light in translucent resin reflects the ordered yet chaotic grid of the modernist city. Programmed to the shifting color/light cycle of the city, this light-clock travels an entire day in one hour, from the first rays of sunrise into a glowing midday sun, to the nocturnal fading of light.

Photo: James Harris